Jazz Winds are blowing in Calgary

You can take a walk on Stephen Avenue or go for a ride on Deerfoot Trail at a performance of Jazz Winds, Calgary's Chamber Jazz Ensemble.

Jazz Winds is a group of jazz musicians and composers who come from a variety of backgrounds with a vision to experiment with jazz and classical music styles. The wind players alternate between flute, clarinet, and saxophone, and the rhythm section alternates between acoustic and electric modes. Player settings vary from full ensemble and smaller group configurations to individual solos. The result is an eclectic mix of accessible music with a wide appeal.

Jazz Winds sounds range from light textured jazz with a classical music feel to high energy swing jazz. The repertoire combines original music with arrangements of standards adapted to the ensemble's unique make up. Some of the compositions are based on Alberta themes. So, if you like classical music and you like jazz, then you will love Jazz Winds.

Another surprising element comes from the instrumental settings. For example, one selection you may be listening to a clarinet / bass clarinet combination while the next one switches to saxophones, or saxophone and flute. With Jazz Winds you never know which way the winds will blow next.