Our members
Cédric Blary  clarinet, flute & saxophone 
Jan Mulder  clarinet & saxophone 
Frank Rackow  clarinet & saxophone 
Trish Edwards  piano 
Aaron Scholpp  bass 
Robin Tufts  drums 
  Jan Mulder is a Calgary based composer and performer. He has composed and arranged over 50 works for both small and large sized ensembles. His genres of music include Jazz, Latin, and Classical music. His list of teachers and mentors include Jan van den Eynde, Wes Foster, Gerry Hébert, Richard Harding, Bruce Petherick, Paul Ashwell, John Korsruth, Hugh Fraser, and more recently, Phil Dwyer. Jan is a founding member of the Jazz Winds Composers Collective (since 2003), and the Razzamajazz Big Band (since 2001). He regularly performs with both ensembles at public and private venues. In Calgary Jan organizes and moderates the Cliff Bungalow - Mission Jazz series. This monthly series offers an opportunity for Calgary based Jazz musicians to present original works and arrangements to a quiet listening audience. Jan received a Canada Council grant in 2008, and was nominated for the Calgary Arts Award in 2015.